Health and Wellness: Energy Level Maintenance

Shelves throughout the country are filled with “energy boosters” being marketed to influence individuals into their consumption. From grocery stores, convenience stores, nearly every retail brick and mortar store to specialty shops everywhere, the amount of pills, drinks, and food labeled as being able to provide a quick energy uptick are countless. However, while these may be capable of providing a minor boost, similar to that achieved by ingesting caffeine, the results typically are extremely short-lived or not a very healthy option for consumers.

Fortunately, finding quality sources to get a much needed energy boost isn’t all too difficult. With proper planning and perhaps a few changes to your daily routines, getting through the day without your energy levels crashing is possible. Occasionally being tired is common and there are ways to know if your fatigue is normal, but everyone can also take advantage of these energy level maintenance tools. So next time you're back in the office after lunch and feel like a nap is needed, remember there are actions and options which can help fight this drowsiness while maintaining productivity. 


Getting enough sleep can obviously help in not being too tired during the day, but oversleeping may also have a detrimental effect. Finding the right balance for your body and routinely getting this amount, approximately 7 to 9 hours for a majority of people, will help maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Vitamins & Supplements

There are a few natural vitamins which have also been shown to have an influence on energy levels. By consuming foods high in B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, individuals can work to keep their energy levels at a premium. There are also numerous supplements which also could assist in maintaining energy throughout the day or help when you’re feeling tired.


Maintaining an exercise regimen can also help to control your energy levels throughout the day. While most may associate working out with making themselves too tired, it’s actually the opposite that is true. Exercise can not only help raise energy levels, but it also is attributed to allowing individuals a better night’s sleep - a compound boost for this benefit.

Drink Water

Plenty of liquids exist which advertise themselves as providing an energy boost after drinking, but water remains the absolute best possible option available. For those who routinely exercise and even those who don’t, making sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day helps to maintain a suitable energy level as time passes. 

Ready to take advantage of these options to help keep your energy up throughout the day? Our specially trained experts are here and can assist in helping guide your journey to overall health and well being. Life Extension has a call center available every day of the week, in addition to wellness specialists who are ready to help play an important role on your journey to becoming a more healthy individual. Contact us in order to get started no matter where you are on your path to a better lifestyle.
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