Health and Wellness: Sun Supplements For Summer

Summer is half way done and with it comes an opportunity to get outdoors and soak up the sun. From beach vacations to enjoying a hike in the mountains, ensuring you are taking steps to properly protect yourself from too much sun exposure can truly help to keep your skin looking its absolute best. Not only is proper skin care important for appearance but protecting yourself from harmful UV rays and the dangers associated with extreme prolonged exposure can go a long way in helping to not only make certain you enjoy summer, but are able to keep doing so in the best manner possible.

Sunburn is one of many side effects associated with unprotected and prolonged sun exposure. As one of the near immediate impacts, those who may be spending extra time in the sun over the summer should also be aware of other potential effects including wrinkles, spots, lines, freckles, and even the potential for precancerous sores or modifications to existing spots. Taking precautions and measures to reduce exposure is critical but there are also certain supplements which can also assist in helping to reduce the impacts of sun bathed skin. 

Vitamin C

There are plenty of positive health benefits associated with Vitamin C and the ability to thwart skin damage is another. As a high antioxidant producer, this nutrient can enable skin to not only repair itself quickly but also potentially protect against sun spots or other exposure elements. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another nutrient which can help to battle the impact of summer sun on skin. As a natural element, the skin protection and healing associated with its use is extremely important. This element is also very useful in helping to reduce inflammation, which can also benefit those individuals who may have suffered a bit too much summer sun exposure during the day.

Fish Oil

As an Omega-3 supplement, fish oil has long been believed to help with overall skin care and other important attributes. Many individuals don’t immediately acknowledge skin as an organ, but it is the largest of all and should be given the same amount of protection and care warranted to each of the others (heart, brain, lungs, etc.). A fish oil supplement can add protection against harmful UV rays and any prolonged exposure.

Biotin is another element used in the formation of fatty acids which can also have an impact on skin care. Using it solely as a single combatant to sun exposure during the summer months may not be ideal, but when combined with other nutrients and proper sun skin care practices, it could have an impact.

If ready to take advantage of the rising temperatures and ample sunshine available during these summer months, our specially trained experts are here and can assist in helping guide your journey to overall health and well being. Life Extension has wellness specialists who are ready to help play an important role on your journey to becoming a more healthy individual. Contact us in order to get started no matter where you are on your path to a better lifestyle.
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