Denver Health and Wellness: Summer Tips For All

As the summer months approach, temperatures begin to heat up and individuals everywhere typically begin to spend more time outdoors. Emerging from the cold winter, moving into summer can not only offer more favorable conditions for getting outside, but the weather does often help to also improve people’s mood. However, regardless of if you favor the warmer months or not, there are still plenty of health tips for all individuals to employ in order to protect themselves while getting the most out of this upcoming summer.

Cooler seasons really do affect your mood but there are also other factors individuals should consider as the sun reappears and temperatures rise. Coupled with an improved state of mind, keeping tabs on your physical health should also be important. Now more than ever, the impact of these links between emotional well being and physical conditions are rising to the forefront of importance across the country.

Sun Protection

One of the most important aspects during the summer (and year around) is ensuring you are taking appropriate steps to protect your skin from sun exposure. Using sunscreen, even in day-to-day activities and especially when by the pool or outside for prolonged periods - can help ensure you participate safely in activities during these summer months.

Vitamin D

While sun protection is important, getting enough Vitamin D is also a need for many individuals. Fortunately, outside exposure helps the body to create this essential nutrient that can aid in bone and teeth growth while also assisting the immune system.


Inside or out, ensuring you are getting enough water to hydrate during the summer months can also be important. As temperatures rise, it is expected many individuals will sweat more in order to help their bodies cool and ensuring you are staying hydrated will keep everything functioning properly.


No, summer doesn’t necessarily indicate the need for dieting, but it does present many people with a natural option to eat healthier. Given the growing season will be coming to fruition, individuals may be able to adjust their diets to meet the needs of farmers everywhere - who typically have many more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options available this time of year.


Individuals should be comfortable in their own skin and summer presents an excellent time for this goal to be achieved. Forget worrying about how you look in a swimsuit and get comfortable being out in nature now and all summer long.

Get Outside

When temperatures warm up, getting outside to enjoy the natural environment can be extremely beneficial. By following these steps, people can capture their ability to move forward while also recognizing this key factor to growing conditions.

If ready to make a resolution or simply add more activity into your daily routine, our specially trained experts can assist in helping guide your journey to overall health and well being. Life Extension has a call center available every day of the week, in addition to wellness specialists who are ready to help play an important role on your journey to becoming a more healthy individual. Contact us in order to get started no matter where you are on your path to a better lifestyle.
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