Denver Health and Wellness: Brain Breaks For All Ages

Mental health has been brought to the forefront of society recently across the country. As individuals continue to learn about the impacts of many issues associated with this spectrum, a broader understanding and means to cope with certain aspects continues to be developed. As these changes and new highlights begin to emerge, there has been a tremendous amount of focus on everyday situations which play a part in how each of us perceives and reacts to different scenarios.

A brain break is one practice being incorporated into many schools at various grade levels in order to benefit students. Taking a literal break from the instructional phase of learning in order to do something completely different (dance, color, chat, meditate, etc.) for a few minutes is being designed into lesson plans for student benefit. However, not only do kids need brain breaks, but adults can also achieve similar results when  these exercises are routinely completed. The obvious difference being brain development across the age spectrum, but the underlying outcomes from these activities can be tremendous for all. 

Stress Reduction

These momentary pauses allow both students and adults an opportunity to decompress from their existing circumstance or situation. This allows individuals the chance to relax which can reduce any rising stress levels.

Anxiety Impact

In similar fashion, taking a brain break can also give participants control over their anxiety or at least reduce any such feelings. By temporarily removing oneself from an anxiety causing scenario, better emotional control may be achieved.


These breaks also have two distinct benefits in regards to focus. Not only can they assist both children and adults in refocusing their efforts on the task at hand following a break, but they can also extend the focal period once back to work.


Added focus can also increase productivity across the board. Whatever situation is requiring your attention - learning or work - becoming more productive can be extremely beneficial to all individuals.


As both children and adults, being able to control your emotions is key in a variety of different scenarios. By taking breaks and becoming more self-aware of these feelings associated with different events, humans can learn to better understand their emotions.

Increase Learning

Not only can these brain breaks aid in self-awareness and focus, but they may also result in another positive characteristic. The combination of factors, in addition to potential other variables, may also lead to increased learning. For both students inside the classroom and workers at the office, this could be an especially rewarding result from taking a little time for yourself throughout the day.

If ready to begin incorporating brain breaks into your daily routine, our specially trained experts can assist in helping guide your journey for brain health and overall well being. Life Extension has a call center available every day of the week, in addition to wellness specialists who are ready to help play an important role on your journey to becoming a more healthy individual. Contact us in order to get started no matter where you are on your path to a better lifestyle.
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