Denver Health: Pet Supplements Offer A Variety of Assistance

The market for healthy foods and dietary supplements continues to expand across the country as individuals pay more attention to their well being. However, not only are humans looking to take better care of themselves, but our four-legged friends are also beginning to benefit from many of the same available options. The ability to fluctuate a diet comes easy to people who enjoy opportunities for mixing and matching their meals but many dogs and cats are subjected to the same food each and every meal. While there have been recent improvements in this area, the ability to incorporate a well rounded plan can only be achieved with use of the supplement market.

With well over half of Americans owning pets, the importance of these supplements is abundantly clear. Fortunately, just as they work for human consumption, the benefits of various options can be extremely important for pets of any age. Whether they are growing pups and kittens or senior dogs and cats, the ability to mix and match healthy supplements into a pet’s diet can really serve to improve their quality of life.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Many of the same vitamins and nutrients which benefit humans can also play a role in pet consumption. Adding these elements to their diet will really help ensure that animals are also receiving the most well balanced meals available.

Immune System

Supplements can also serve as immune system boosters for pets. Just like humans, our pets are subject to colds, coughs, and allergies of many different varieties. Giving them the best possible defense against these illnesses comes with adding supplements that boost the immune response against each of these various ailments.

Skin and Coat

A healthy skin and coat is the envy of every pet and owners alike. Often, diets are changed completely in order to address skin conditions but these can also be combated with pet supplements. 

Joint Health

As pets age, just like people, their joints become less flexible and more stiff. That active and excited puppy is likely not going to be as nimble or quick to pounce as they were growing up. In order to help with any tightness or apparent soreness, there are joint health options available.

Vision - Vitamin A

Just like humans, Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in vision health and as we all age it seems this is one of the main characteristics in decline. Pets are precisely the same but maintaining a healthy dose of Vitamin A can help to keep the focus and potentially delay these diminishing views.

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