Denver Health: Give Your Immune System A Boost

Even before the coronavirus pandemic began to spread throughout the world, being able to boost immune response was a key consideration for many individuals and their families. Now, the same ability is often replicated as people everywhere are attempting to stay healthy and fend off the virus plus other illnesses. There are a number of different ways to boost your immune system, from supplements to foods and other actions but how these help to protect you differ considerably.

The immune response changes based on the potential infection but this reaction is what keeps individuals healthy when battling potential infection. If unable to respond in an appropriate manner, then infection and outward signs of sickness may begin to arise. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods for the general population to help boost their immune system in an attempt to remain as healthy as possible now and into the future.

Vitamin C

Taken as a supplement or consumed via different foods, vitamin C is one of the key components to help boost an immune system. There are plenty of available foods individuals can eat that are packed with this helpful vitamin including oranges, strawberries, and broccoli but often individuals still rely on a supplement to garner a larger amount of this helpful vitamin. 


The benefits of regular exercise extend beyond heart health and potential weight loss. In addition, exercise can help to boost your immune response to potential infection and provide you with an overall healthier existence beyond other physical impacts to your well being.

Vitamin D

A lesser known immune system booster is the D vitamin which can be found through a variety of different sources. Not only can individuals soak up this option by spending more time outdoors in sunlight but the consumption of red meat, fish, and eggs can also help to strengthen your immune system.


Getting an appropriate amount of sleep can also help keep your immune system responding effectively. While the amount varies depending on a number of different factors per individual, attempting to adhere to a schedule and provide your body the same amount of sleep per night can help keep your immune system responding appropriately to any infection.


Ginger is another antioxidant rich food helping to boost your immune response when needed. By regularly ingesting such items, the immune system may be strengthened in order to combat various illnesses.


A well balanced diet can also help to boost protection against sickness and help to strengthen one’s immune system. Combined with these other characteristics, individuals can be assured they are taking the absolute best steps possible in order to protect themselves while boosting their immune system response to any potential illness.

If ready to either seek help for yourself or a loved one, our specially trained experts can assist in helping guide you on the path to overall health and well being. Life Extension has a call center available each and every day of the week, in addition to wellness specialists who are ready to help play an important role on your journey to becoming a more healthy individual. Contact us in order to get started no matter where you are on your path to a better lifestyle.
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